IIM Kashipur celebrated 10th edition of its Annual Cultural, Sports and Management Fest- 'AGNITRAYA'

Jan 22, 2024 - 18:47
IIM Kashipur celebrated 10th edition of its Annual Cultural, Sports and Management Fest- 'AGNITRAYA'
IIM Kashipur celebrated 10th edition of its Annual Cultural, Sports and Management Fest- 'AGNITRAYA'
Kashipur  :  The three-day annual flagship event, AGNITRAYA-X, with the theme 'Xuberance Unleashed,' was held by IIM Kashipur from January 19 to 21, 2024. Students were invited to experience the fusion of management, sports, and culture. 
A three-day-long extravaganza, the first day featured a group dance competition called Synergy, Battle of Bands and a hilarious performance by Yash Rathi in Comedy Night. The comedian, the star of the comedy night, had the crowd cracking up into endless laughter. 
Prof. Mayank, Associate Professor, Chairperson-Student Affairs, IIM Kashipur said, “Embracing the flames of creativity and passion as AGNITRAYA-X ignites the spirit of excellence! This 10th edition, as curtain closes, is a symphony of management prowess, sportsmanship, and cultural brilliance, all composed and conducted by the talents of our students. From ideation to execution, AGNITRAYA-X showcases hands-on experience, teamwork, and leadership. The AGNITRAYA-X of IIM Kashipur not only entertained but also was successful to forge lasting connections, uniting students across participating institutes, alumni, and stakeholders as a community."
Mr. Alok Singhal, Executive Director, India Glycols Ltd said “There are 3 types of people, People who don't learn from their experience, People who learn from their experience and then the smartest of them all are those who learn from other's experiences".
A rap battle, a solo singing competition called Antarnad, a roleplay competition named Navras, a solo dance competition called Nritya Shastra, a poetry slam, and a storytelling event organized by the literary club called Abhivyakti were among the cultural events that took place on the second day (20 January). Star Night followed the announcement of winners at the beginning of the evening. As the day came to an end, the crowd was electrified by the captivating music and hit songs of well-known singer Nikhil D'Souza during his Star Night performances.
On the concluding day, January 21, there was a grand fashion show (Panache) that was elegant and shimmering. During Antariksh and DJ Carnivore honored the occasion with a musical night, where we all showed off our dance moves at night during the fest.
A magnificent fashion show called Panache took place on January 21, the day of the conclusion. It was shimmering and elegant. DJ Carnivore and Antariksh celebrated the occasion with a musical night where we all performed our dance moves during the fest's night.
Our Annual Fest AGNITRAYA-X was a success thanks to the support of all the student bodies, the student council, the connected stakeholders, and all the attendees and sponsors.
Mamta Choudhary Journalist & Content Writer